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Gigi Teen Maxi Dress

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Print: Royal Hibiscus Tide
Size: 9-10

Soft and floaty, long and luxurious is the Gigi maxi dress. With lovely wide straps, zip closure and three gathered panels for the ultimate island princess dress. This dress is the perfect special occasion dress and would even be beautiful as a flower girl dress for weddings.

This stunning collection was inspired by our strolls through the back roads of Rarotonga, as we walked along we discussed the beautiful tropical plants, foliage and flowers that surrounded us. I have always admired the shape and structure of the simple but elegant Taro leaf plant and where there's a patch of them the hibiscus are never far off. Hibiscus flowers have always been a symbol of the tropical islands in the Pacific. Combining these two elements along with colours of the azure lagoon brings this vibrant collection. Options for the whole family in this colour way.


Model 1:Hirinaki wears size 9-10

Model 2: Ellise wears size 11-12

Composition: 55%cotton/45%linen

Why wear Linen:

*It gets softer with each wash, so basically it gets better with time, Yass!

*Linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics and stylish fabrics in fashion history, so guess what you are officially stylish  

*It absorbs moisture without holding bacteria, now that’s a bonus 

*Linen is made from a Flax plant and is a very strong fabric 

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