Island Vines Gold Collection

Royal Hibiscus Tide Collection

Pacific Floral Peach Collection

Created in The Cook Islands & Shared With The World. Fashion Inspired by The Pacific's Endless Summers, Tropical Flowers & Palm Tree Silhouettes.

From humble roots to new beginnings this Is the story of how ISLAKOKO has grown & evolved over the years…

After residing in Australia, our founder and lead designer, Kelly Grant, made the heartfelt decision to return to Rarotonga in the beautiful Cook Islands along with her adorable 3-year-old daughter, Keziah. This life-changing move inspired Kelly's passion for the baby and kids fashion industry, which had been steadily growing since the arrival of her beloved daughter, Kez.

Inspired by the amazing bright pacific print fabrics found in Raro, Kelly begun to research and design her own outfits for kids & babies.  From this Little Mammas & Papas was born. 

The first collections were sold at the local markets in Rarotonga and were received extremely well by locals and visitors to the island. 

It wasn’t long before customers were requesting more than just items for kids & babies... 

Drawing inspiration from valuable feedback and fueled by Kelly's creative drive, she delved into further research and design. This led to the creation of our first women's and men's collections, as well as our cherished family sets.

As the popularity of our women's and men's ranges soared, we embraced a transformative decision to rebrand our business from "Little Mammas & Papas" to the vibrant and expressive name, "ISLAKOKO."

Through ISLAKOKO we share our love of the pacific colours & prints with the world.

We hope we can be that connection to the pacific paradises and an escapism for you each time you wear our garments.

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